1st Annual Language, Literacy and Culture (LLC) Graduate Student Conference


April 12, 2014 

Performing Arts and Humanities Building (PAHB), UMBC

9:00-10:00      Registration and Breakfast (Room: PAHB Atrium)

10:00-11:15   Roundtable Discussion 1: Social Justice Through Critical Participatory Research (PAHB 107)

Moderators: Romy Hübler (LLC PhD, UMBC) and Diane Kuthy (LLC PhD, UMBC)

Babatunde Salaam (Morgan State University & New Lens)

Dayvon Love (Director of Research and Public Policy of “Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle,” Baltimore)

Eric Muhammad (Performance Poet and Cultural Activist)

Jessica T. Shiller, PhD (Instructional Leadership and Professional Development, Towson University)

Tahira Mahdi (Community and Applied Social Psychology PhD, UMBC)

Panel 1: Politics of Race, Ethnicity, Religion, and Gender (PAHB 108)

Moderator: Satarupa Joardar (LLC PhD, UMBC)

Emerald L. Christopher (LLC PhD, UMBC): “Tipping on the Tightrope: Black Women and the Negotiation of Representation in Mass Media”

Latasha Eley (LLC PhD, UMBC): “‘You Can Touch My Hair… Or Can You?’ Performance of Black Women’s Hair Politics as Protest”

Teresa Bass Foster (LLC PhD, UMBC): “‘There Was No Passage By Which… The Child [Could] Be Born:’ Eighteenth-century Enslaved Women and Infibulation in Colonial America”

Uzma Abdul Rashid (LLC PhD, UMBC): “Understanding Muslim Adolescents: Construction of Gendered Islamic Identities"

Panel 2: Critical Perspectives on Education and Academia (PAHB 123)

Moderator: Emek Ergun (LLC PhD, UMBC)

Anissa Sorokin (LLC PhD, UMBC) and Kelly Purtell (English, UMBC): “Exploring Civic Agency and Intellectual Activism in the UMBC Writing Center”

Heather Linville (LLC PhD, UMBC): “Activism in Teacher Education: Training ESOL Teachers as Advocates”

Ilkim Karakuş (Cultural Studies MA, Sabancı University, Istanbul): “Critique of Exploitation Sponsored by Exploitation: Negotiation of Assistantship among Sabancı University Cultural Studies MA Students in Turkey”

Jeremy Spahr (Public Policy PhD, UMBC): “The Academic Connections of Neoliberal Policy Entrepreneurs”                                   

       11:30-12:45   Panel 3: Critical Perspectives on Service Learning & Community Engagement (PAHB 108)

Moderator: Romy Hübler (LLC PhD, UMBC)

Daniel McCormick (Rhetoric and Composition PhD, University of Louisville): “Literate Practices in Kentucky Health Justice Network”

Jamila Kareem (Rhetoric and Composition PhD, University of Louisville): “New Perspectives on Classroom Inclusion: Service Learning and Marginalized College Students”

Reagan Sova (Rhetoric and Composition PhD, University of Louisville): “Towards a Democratic Philosophy of Service Learning for Students in Higher Education”

Rick Wysocki (Rhetoric and Composition PhD, University of Louisville): “Toward a Pedagogy of Action Research”

                      Panel 4: Social Justice Movements Around the World (PAHB 123)

       Moderator: Emek Ergun (LLC PhD, UMBC)

Aynur Saygin (Public Policy PhD, UMBC): “Gezi Protests: A Critical Turning Point in Political Language  and Activism in Turkey”

Jennifer JoAnn Chadwell (Women and Gender Studies MA, San Francisco State University): “From Coalition to Circumscription: Intersex Activism from the 1990s to Present”

Satarupa Joardar (LLC PhD, UMBC): “Social Media and Multimedia Discourses of a Social Movement: An Exploratory Case Study of the Indian Anti-Corruption Movement of 2011”

Sauda Muhammad (Applied Sociology MA, UMBC): “No Place for Negroes: Why the Occupy Movement Did Not Apply to African Americans”                       

Panel 5: Researching Political Action, Discourse, and Organizations (PAHB 124)

Moderator: Uzma Rashid (LLC PhD, UMBC)

Anna L. Johnson (Geography and Environmental Systems PhD, UMBC): “Urban Ecology as an Opportunity for Engaging Under-served Communities in Research Practice”

Christopher Justice (LLC PhD, UMBC): “I Once Liked That Show, But Now...Fishery Conservation and the Discourse of Fish Police”

Michael Loadenthal (School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution PhD, George Mason University): “Queering Method for Arsonists & Terrorists: Action-Oriented Research and Clandestine Communities”

Rayhan Rashid, PhD (ICSF & Law, University of Oxford): “The ICSF Experience: A Radical Change in Outlook As to How and Where a Civil Society Justice Activism Can Contribute”

         12:45-1:30      Lunch (PAHB 107)

  1:35-2:30       Keynote Speech: Dr. Kaye Whitehead (Department of Communication, Loyola University  Maryland):  “In Search of Your Magis: Taking a Moment to ReThink, ReEvaluate, and ReDiscover Intellectual Activism” (PAHB 107) 

2:30-2:45       Coffee Break (PAHB Atrium)

2:45-4:00      Roundtable Discussion 2: Considerations for a Critical Pedagogy (PAHB 108)

                        Moderator: Megan Callow (English Education PhD, University of Maryland College Park)

 Jessica DeMink-Carthew (Teacher Education and Professional Development PhD, University of Maryland College Park)

Margaret Polizos Peterson (Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership PhD, University of Maryland College Park)

Lisa Swan (Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership PhD, University of Maryland College Park)

Panel 6: Politics of Art and Art as Activism (PAHB 123)

Moderator: Felix Burgos (LLC PhD, UMBC)

Joanna Eleftheriou (Literature and Creative Writing PhD, University of Missouri): “Poetic Witness as Intellectual Activism: The Work of Carolyn Forche”

Zack Franklin (Critical Studies MA, Maryland Institute College of Art): “ Dematerialization of The Art-Object 2.0”

Sara Murdock (Culture and Performance PhD, UCLA): “Cypher Remixed: Reshaping the Classroom” (30 minutes)  

                     Performance Session: Performative Politics of Race (PAHB 124)

Moderator: Emek Ergun (LLC PhD, UMBC)

Shawntay Stocks and Heidi Faust (LLC PhD, UMBC): “‘I Have a Dream’...Moving Beyond Color Blindness! Rethinking How We Talk and Don’t Talk About Race” (Performance, 45 minutes)

OluShola A. Cole (Mount Royal School of Art MFA, Maryland Institute College of Art): ““Social Gesture: The Choreography and Performance of Rebellion” (Performance, 30 minutes)                      

4:00-5:15    Panel 7: Public Policies from Critical Perspectives (PAHB 123)

 Moderator: Uzma Rashid (LLC PhD, UMBC)

Patrick Brunson, PhD (History and Geography, Morgan State University): “Minority Juvenile Dropouts: The Pipeline to the Prison Industrial Complex”

Ruken Buket Isik (Women’s Studies MS, Towson University): “Assimilation through Education: Girls, Off to School Campaign in Turkey”

Shreyasi Deb (Public Policy PhD, UMBC): “Does Health Insurance Matter?: Expansion of Public and Private Coverage Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA, 2010)”

Tahmina Afroz (Public Policy and Governance Master’s Program, North South University, Bangladesh): “Mobile Phone Aided Health Service: A Big Step to Ensure Rural Health in Bangladesh”                                   

                             Panel 8: Diversity, Othering, and Politics of Transformation (PAHB 107)

Moderator: Satarupa Joardar (LLC PhD, UMBC)

Ian Ngidi-Brown (LLC PhD, UMBC): “Indigenous Knowledge, Transformation, and Diversity in South Africa: A Case for a South African Bank”

Ingrid Parker (LLC PhD, UMBC): “Women Leaders in Iraqi Civil Society and U.S. Women in Arms: An Army Officer’s Investigation into Similarities through Life Stories”

Rachel Carter (LLC PhD, UMBC): “Imagining Otherwise”

Sara Haq (Women’s Studies PhD, University of Maryland College Park): “The Othering of Sufism in Feminist Theory: Analyzing Challenges to Using Mysticism as Epistemological Approach to Women’s Studies”

Media Installation: Tattle, Rattle, Whistle: Toys for Attention, Tools for Disruption (PAHB 108)

Moderator: Emek Ergun (LLC PhD, UMBC)

Landry Digeon (LLC PhD, UMBC)

Kevin Wisniewski (LLC PhD, UMBC)

Felix Burgos (LLC PhD, UMBC)

5:15-6:30   Social Hour (PAHB Atrium)